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Activity Sensor

Remotely operated vehicle fleets can be difficult to track when in transit. There is a heightened risk of spoilage or damage when out on the open road. Keep an eye on temperatures around the clock and insure assets remain protected during transportation with Itokii sensors.

  • Track the temperature of sensitive goods or materials
  • Know when an asset arrives or leaves the premises
  • Keep an eye on doors to protect inventory
  • Monitor voltage consumption of battery operated appliances
  • Respond quickly to any potential damaging leaks


    Industrial Wireless Sensors with AA battery powered- Long battery life.  
    Web Portal Mobile App iOS & Android
    Alerts and Notifications  Automated Reports
    Rest Api and Webhook SNMP& ModBus support



    How it Works

    900Mhz Industrial Configuration

     1 x 900Mhz 3G Wireless Gateway

    1 x 900Mhz Industrial Temperature Sensor

    1 x 900Mhz Industrial Open/Closed Sensor

    1 x 900Mhz Current Meter 

    1 x 900Mhz Asset Sensor (Activity Industrial Sensor) 

    900Mhz Companion Products

    1 x 900Mhz Control Unit (Control Air Conditioners & Lights)

    You can Also add Asset Sensors, Vibration detection for Rack Doors, Voltage Sensors and much more in 900Mhz Wireless Sensors



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