Smart Rack&Datacenter

Start Monitoring Racks and Data Centers in Minutes!!! with Itokii Small Sensors

Itokii Managed Wireless Rack Monitoring System is an end to end solution to monitor temperature, detect water, Open/closed rack doors detection, room presence, Voltage, Damages and more. Totally Wireless, Quick Installation, Managed configuration.

Also you can take control of Air Conditioners and Lights using our Itokii Control units. Define rules like :When temperature is greater than xx then turn Air conditioner On.

Small Wireless Sensors with Coin Cell Powered - Long battery life. 

Web Portal Mobile App iOS & Android
Alerts and Notifications  Automated Reports
Rest Api and Webhook SNMP& ModBus support


How it Works

Two Wireless configurations 900Mhz & Wi-Fi

900MHZ Components

1 x 900Mhz Ethernet Gateway

1 x 900Mhz Coin Cell Temperature Sensor

1 x 900Mhz Coin Cell Water Detection Sensor

1 x 900Mhz Coin Cell Open/Closed Sensor

900Mhz Companion Products

1 x 900Mhz Control Unit (Control Air Conditioners & Lights)

You can Also add Asset Sensors, Vibration detection for Rack Doors, Voltage Sensors and much more in 900Mhz Wireless Sensors


Wi-FI Components - Not Gateway Required - It uses the Wi-FI network

1 x Wi-FI Temperature Sensor

1 x Wi-FI Water Detect Sensor

1 x Open/Closed Sensor

1 x Programming Cable

More Wi-FI Sensors here


Download Itokii Wi-Fi Utility to set up Wi-Fi Sensors 


System Integrators


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